Save 15% annually on electricity costs with Nexamp Community Solar.

Remain with your current utility and generate credits to reduce your annual electricity costs.

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No solar panels to install on your roof

Open to homeowners and renters

No upfront costs

It's solar, made simple.

Community Solar offers the benefits of solar savings without the need to install rooftop panels. By subscribing to Nexamp, your current utility account will be linked to a nearby solar farm.

Is Community Solar Right for You?

You want to save on your annual electricity costs.

You pay a PSE&G bill.

You cannot or do not want to install expensive rooftop panels.

You plan to stay at your current residence for the next year.

3 Easy Steps to Savings




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Save on Electricity Costs

Provide some basic information and your utility account details.

As soon as a spot opens up, we'll add you to a farm. We’ll subscribe you to the right amount of solar shares based on your electricity needs. 

You’ll get a discount on your utility bill in the form of credits. Pay Nexamp for these credits at a discount, helping you save.

Frequently asked questions

Benefits are not immediate. Signing up for Community Solar today reserves your place on a future solar farm. As soon as a spot opens up, we'll add you to that farm, and that's when you'll begin to see Community Solar credits applied to your utility account. There's nothing you need to do in the meantime — we'll keep you informed about your status with updates sent straight to your inbox.

It’s free to enroll in Nexamp Community Solar. You only pay us for the credits generated at a discount.

The billing process has two steps. First, your share of the solar farm's output is calculated and credited to your utility account as a negative line item—this lowers the amount you owe to your utility provider for that month.

Then, Nexamp bills you for the value of these credits, minus your 15% discount. For example, if your solar credits are worth $100 and you have a 15% discount, you would save $100 on your utility bill but only pay Nexamp $85. It's similar to purchasing a $100 prepaid gift card for your utility costs at the price of $85.

No. Your power will continue to be delivered by your current utility provider. What we do is supply our energy into their grid. If you ever experience an issue or a power outage, you'll receive the same service from the same team you always have.

You always have the option to change your share of the farm or to cancel without penalty, with 90 days written notice.

Please reach out to us as soon as possible!

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